The troops were not natives of Washington DC. so they are like a foreign occupying power. Great that they weren’t Chinese or Iranian troops but they were an occupying power nonetheless and for what? One guy taking a one minute oath?

What have the Liberals done to America? Look to Washington DC to find out. Americans shut out of and American city by military troops. What was the fear? That some Americans would attack the oath taking? How absolutely preposterous are Liberals and their whacky leaders that the massive military operation made America look like Putin had conquered but

As The Washington Post reported Monday:

“Authorities in cities from coast to coast mobilized a military-style defense of state capitol complexes on Sunday, rolling out Humvees, concertina wire and thousands of National Guard troops clad in battlefield helmets to defend against a possible onslaught of rioters whipped up by the baseless claims of the American president.”

But It Was A Hoax!

“The assault never came. Despite warnings from the FBI and boasts from armed, far-right extremist groups, security forces in every instance outnumbered scattered groups of demonstrators, and there were no reports of violence.”

“In anticipation of Wednesday’s inauguration, 25,000 National Guard have been deployed in and around D.C. to defend against right-wing mobs or would-be assassins. Three or four times as many troops are here in D.C. as there are U.S. troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria combined.

“Now, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And better too much security than not enough. But even given the Jan. 6 outrage, to arm our capital city as though Stonewall Jackson’s Confederates were going to march up Manassas Road and capture Abe Lincoln after the Union defeat at Bull Run seems a bit excessive.” A bit excessive? That’s hyperbole of the most crazy kind. There never was a danger. It was a set of lies for what purpose you can never guess. But is did something good. It confirmed the crazy Liberals who are now in charge of America’s government. Not only will this not end well, it will not even continue well. Stupid is as Stupid Does and they can’t outgrow stupid. Stupid is forever.  

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