The world of Spirits is make-believe. Pure fantasy concocted from imaginations. Spiritualists came to accept as true the false idea that Guns Are Evil. Eliminate them and society will be forever peaceful. What about banning Evil?

Gun-banners mis-understand both the spirit world and evil. Satan combines them both but Satan doesn’t exist and evil does as we can see by the nut-jobs; the criminals, and the insane.  The psychology of  criminals, the mind of criminals is vastly different than that of normal people and it cannot be understood by them. Criminals are criminals almost from birth. Most cannot be reformed.

Stanton Samenow’s book: Inside the Criminal Mind bears this out. Banning guns doesn’t change the mind of criminals because they are evil people who will find guns even if they are banned. If not guns, they will find dynamite, swords, clubs or vehicles to murder people.

Evil cannot be banned. Most of the time it cannot even be recognized and if that’s so it cannot be stopped. Every culture prohibits murder yet murder persists. The same thing would happen if guns were banned. It’s not that difficult to make a gun. In the early 1940’s some steel, some springs and some drawings of about twenty parts produced a home-assembled STEN machine gun in about five hours. A home-made silencer was also available. Banning guns is not that different than trying to ban evil. It might sound good to try it but it doesn’t work.

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