The more she shows the worse she gets. People aren’t so stupid that they will voter her in as President.

“Dead broke” when she left the White House is worse than a lie about her money. Hillary thinks she’s smarter than the voters so her comments are manipulations, not informations. See Kathleen Willey’s book: “TARGET Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton”.

When Hillary left the White House, still married to a philandering man, Bill was being paid $150,000 a year for the rest of his life.

Hillary was worth between $781,000 and $1.8 million when she left the White House and like a petty burgler, she “removed and left with” thousands of dollars of White House property as she and Bill were leaving.

“White House Chief Usher Gary Walters tells CNN that former President Bill Clinton and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton have notified the White House they intend to return $28,000 in furnishings they removed from the White House when moving out in January.

Critics have raised persistent questions about whether removing the furniture was appropriate — and whether the furniture was a gift to the Clintons or to the White House. Walters told CNN that the Clintons said they wanted to avoid any questions of impropriety, although they insisted that a check of the records indicated the gifts were available to them.

The Park Service serves as a steward for the White House and is the only unit with the legal authority to accept gifts for the White House, according to the Post. A gift meant for the current White House occupants, by contrast, is routed through the White House gifts office, a separate unit.

Two of the furniture makers whose donations the Clintons took with him told the Washington Post earlier this week their gifts were part of a widely publicized, $396,000 redecoration of the executive mansion and not meant for Clinton personally.

“When we’ve been asked to donate, it was always hyphenated with the words, ‘White House,”‘ New York manufacturer Steve Mittman told the Post of his family-owned business, which gave two sofas, an easy chair and an ottoman, worth $19,900 and listed by Clinton as part of the gifts he took with him. “ (From CNN, )

One year later their assets were up to between $6 to $30 MILLION! Their combined liabilities were $1.3 to $5.6 million and they had plenty of wealthy Liberals who would pay that for them in a heartbeat. A consummate liar.

She’s also CLUELESS as to how bad of a candidate she is. She has awesome name recognition yet many people see her as without the attributes of a god character.

Hillary doesn’t get everything wrong but she failed to get most of the big things right. She’s very inconsiderate of other people and that cackling laugh shows how incapable she is of controlling herself.    

The woman is highly unlikable. Why?

At first she seemed sort of OK. “Did no good nor evil thing”, as Pushkin so aptly phrased it in Czar Nikita. That changed over time.

The American Press is decidedly Left and so is Hillary so during Hillary’s four years as Secretary of State the press sort of gave her a pass.

That really didn’t change after Benghazi. She was complicit in the events that caused the murders of four Americans but the American Left Wing, that would be about 70% of America, still adores and idolizes phony Hillary.

Her lying about the video caused many supporters to say: wait a darn minute here. Why didn’t she support protection?

Hillary lied about the video and was absolutely clueless and callous during congressional testimony when she said: “what difference, at this point does it make?”

Remember that she personally fired then prosecuted the employees at the White House Travel Office.  they were eventually found innocent but at a great cost to their lives.

Bill referred to her as “HILLA the HUN” to Monica and he didn’t mean Hun as in Honey. this is one mean awful person.

Four years as Secretary of State produced nothing positive. She brags about the number of countries she visited but many people have been in more.

Four years of no substantive results except flying around for free is something about which she should be ashamed.

The more we learn the less we like.


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