During an April 3 interview of Megyn Kelly on the CBS Sunday Morning by Charlie Rose, Kelly proved she doesn’t get herself. She refused to admit that her attack-and-revenge remarks to Donald Trump were her own remarks. She was obviously non-objective and visceral when she should have considered she wasn’t the Presidential candidate; that she was supposed to be questioning Donald Trump and the other Republican Presidential candidates; -that she wasn’t there to interview Donald Trump; –she wasn’t doing a Candy Crowley style take-down of Donald Trump and she wasn’t there to debate Donald Trump. Kelly blamed: “the coarsening of the culture”, not herself for her stealth attack on Trump. Kendall-Kelly failed in one marriage. that was a mistake. She’s made serious mistakes on her show. She failed to be an objective reader of the question and became an opponent eager to surprise Donald Trump by attacking him.

Kelly told Charlie Rose she blamed “the coarsening of the culture” for her attack on Trump proving either she doesn’t know what she did or she’s too self-absorbed to grasp her mistake. Her behavior at the debate and after it, has lost FOX viewers. Perhaps it’s only a few who refuse to watch her anymore but there must be more because her credibility is shot and that was her basic attribute in her role as an opinion presenter. Same for the other FOX shows. The Five had some balance against Greg Gutfield’s anti-Trump mentality and against Dana Perino’s Trump derangement but only Eric Bolling provided the balance. It wasn’t enough. The Five has lost viewers because they don’t grasp what’s going on in the Trump Revolution.

CBS says: “Kelly has a long history of scandal-mongering and promoting her personal views on air, despite previously insisting that she’s “not an opinion-maker” or an “issue advocate,” but rather, a straight “newsperson.” She has frequently hosted an anti-LGBT hate group leader on her show, used an adoring Catholic priest to prove and support her Catholic anti-abortion views; she’s made flippant comments about racism and police brutality, and she promoted conservative falsehoods about Planned Parenthood, NARAL and the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya.”

We The People know we’ve been lied to by the politicians and the media including FOX. Additionally, we’ve been the victim of poor and/or wrong analysis by pundits who invent reasons to hate Trump faster than a nuclear reaction and who are split in their ignorant analysis of the Trump phenomenon.

Kelly is still in Wolkenkuckucksheim, i.e., cloud cuckoo land. FOX is hemorrhaging viewers at a faster rate –because of their inability to hook up with the most important socio-political ground swell since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Rupert Murdoch better leave the romance of his latest marriage to Jerry Hall and focus on what Rodger Ailes has done and icontinues to do to FOX. It’s nonsense up with which we should not have to put.

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