She misunderstands more than most about Roe v Wade. Hillary talks about the rights of an unborn child. A fetus is vastly different than a child. A pregnant woman is carrying a fetus, not a child. A child is a more mature baby even though the terms are often used interchangeably. No woman carries a child inside her. A woman gives birth to a full term fetus who is then called a new-born, a baby or even a child but only after it’s born.

So Hillary destroyed her Pro-Choice arguments. Her views are more closely aligned with the Pope than Planned Parenthood. Guidelines issued by the International Planned Parenthood Federation discourage pro-choice advocates from using innaccurate and misleading words and terms such as “abort a child” which is an impossible event. An abortion can “end a pregnancy” but it’s not the murder of a child.

“‘Abort a child’ is medically inaccurate, as the fetus is not yet a child,” according to the IPPF guide which reads in revelant part: “‘Terminate’ a pregnancy is commonly used, however some people prefer to avoid this as terminate may have negative connotations (e.g., ‘terminator or assassinate’) for some people.”

The guidebook also advises against the inaccurate and medically incorrect terms: “baby,” “dead fetus,” “unborn baby” or “unborn child” when discussing what it is that’s being aborted. Instead, it recommends the terms “embryo,” “fetus” and “the pregnancy.” So Hillary either made a huge mistake or she lacks some basic understanding about abortion and the Pro-Choice movement that opposes the War Against Women.

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