Many people simply hate other people and see nothing wrong with ordering them about. Other’s are afraid of things that make loud noises. There are a few who really hate to see other people with the power to defend themselves so they resort to trying to ban guns, a position that is unconstitutional because of he Constitution and especially because of the Second Amendment.

The most common false argumant is that the Second Amendment only applies to people in the militia when it prohibits Congress from making any law against the private aquisition, use and disposal of “Arms” which is a Right and Rights apply to everyone at all times. The purpose of the Second Amendment was to provide the basis for government to form militias and government wanted to make sure people had “arms” meaning not just knives and axes but also guns and cannons, so that they had them ready for service when called upon by the government. Government didn’t want to be in the position of having control over a militia that needed arms but didn’t have them. The need to be armed was so well accepted that is was presumed by the government that people had weapons ready to use and government wanted them to keep them in good order so they could be used immediately instead of waiting for them to be ordered and delivered. Unarmed people are useless especially when the militia is formed. .