He announced he’s from Watergate Drive in Upper Holland when he made “Citizens Comments” at the public Board of Supervisors meetings. The anonymous website that carried his Poster of the Solar Panel Quote has been harping about my analysis of the electricity that could be saved by putting the Sewage building in the shade to help cool it and thereby reduce the use of the air conditioning which would reduce the amount of electricity used. 

How can a building be put in the shade? One way is to put tarps over the roof. The hate website thought that was wrong but now there are several tarps on Don’s roof on Watergate Drive in Upper Holland.

Isn’t irony exquisite? Here’s a hate filled sneering website that dismisses the use of tarps on the roof and now there’s Don’s house in Upper Holland with Blue Tarps on the roof.

How delicious is the irony? How satisfying it is to be able  to say: “I Told You So”. Perhaps Mr. George will share his reasons for the tarp use on the roof. LOL  

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