High taxes create poverty because tax money in money that must be surrendured to the government which means people have less money for themselves and their families. California is the best example of how taxation creates more poor people.

Democrat-run, migrant-packed California leads the nation in poverty, according to a Census Bureau report which considers Americans’ housing costs alongside their income from wages and salaries.

The September 10 study shows 18.2 percent of California’s population is poor, far above the 13 percent poverty rate in Arkansas, 16 percent in Mississippi, and the 14.6 percent in West Virginia.

High housing costs also helped push New York’s poverty rate up to 14.1 percent, and New Jersey’s rate up to 14 percent, according to Table A5 on page 28 of the report, which is titled The Supplemental Poverty Measure: 2018. Those are Democrat run states where Democrats vote for Democrats who continue to increase taxes and create more poor people. If you live in a Democrat run area tell the Democrat leaders to lower the taxes. That will require them to spend less money. That’s a good thing. It lowers the cost of government and makes more money available to make fewer poor people.