Like the Tasmanian Devil, the whirling dervish that could be a logo for Hillary Clinton as she spun herself around the world and absolutely failed in: Libya, Syria, Iraq, Russia and Israel, all places that are worse for Hillary and her manager Barack being involved. Four dead in Benghazi because of their boneheadedness and their lack of the second half of a plan in each place to use American Military to finish the invasions and the de-stabilization they started. These are real amateurs who aren’t very good at statesmanship and may not even know about geography, their mistakes in foreign policy are so childish.  It would be like Eisenhower invading France on D-day and not knowing what to do once the soldiers were on the beach. that’s what happened in Libya where Kaddafi was over thrown but neither Hillary nor Obama knew what to do next. Even worse, they didn’t know what to do at all.

Obama told Chris Wallace that Libya was his worst mistake. That was in 2011, five years ago. WHY THE HELL DOESN’T HE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW? What is this man-child able to do except jawbone an issue until he or someone changes the subject? Remember, Obama was Hillary’s boss even though she was supposed to advise him about what to do in Libya. Hillary is a nincompoop on foreign policy because she was traveling around the world getting money for “The Clinton Foundation” instead of running the Department of State. These two intellectual boobs have made the world a worse place for them being involved. Only Donald Trump can fix this Humpty Dumpty. 


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