The anti-abortion people want to make the act of an abortion a crime but they are silent about what the woman who has an abortion would be charged with when she has an abortion. The anti-choice people completely ignore the woman. Abortion is not prohibited so it’s not a criminal act but the anti-abortion crowd have been annoyed since Roe v. Wade in 1973 when the Supreme Court ruled abortion wasn’t a crime.

But if they are successful getting abortion criminalized the legal status of the woman will become an issue and there seems to be no other conclusion other than the woman will be guilty of violating a law therefore getting an abortion will also be a crime. Think that it’s like making bank robbery a crime but excusing someone who pays the bank robber to commit the robbery because a woman who want’s an abortion usually pays someone to do it. That’s would be like paying a thug to beat up someone. Paying someone to perform an illegal act makes the person who pays for the illegal act guilty too.

It’s a moral issue too. If abortion is murder like they have decided it is since 1973, whoever performs an abortion is a murderer but that claim is mere dicta. Abortion is not against the law. Since abortion isn’t against the law it can’t be murder because murder is against the law.

Never mind say the anti-abortion crowd, we know committing an abortion should be illegal and should be a crime because, …. at this point they go into many arguments about why performing an abortion is wrong but strangely they believe a woman who gets an abortion is a victim who has nothing to do with the abortion. That’s like saying you can pay someone to commit a crime to avoid being punished for committing the crime. That’s the best way that’s ever been proposed to increase the crime rate and it shows the fallacy of the anti-abortion idea.

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