Zuckerberg want’s to ‘chose hope over fear”. Fine for him. He’s protected by a security force and lives in a gated home. How would he respond to the Boko Haram Terrorists who kidnapped 200 girls? He can hope the terrorists don’t do any more terror but that’s not the way to bet and it’s especially not the way to bet with you life or the lives of your family.

What about the bad people? What about the existence of evil in the world? What about welcoming immigrants who announce they want to kill Americans? How can any sentient, sane person deny a wall is needed across the Southern border of the United States? Mark Zuckerberg announced the world is a global community. Zuckerberg is living in a LaLa Land fantasy.

Hope is nice but is doesn’t help the Israelis stop the terror attacks inside Israel. Israel built a wall that kept out the terrorists and Israel became more safe for Israelis. So much for relying on hope to keep out the bad people.

Zuckerberg needs to study the idea of a moat and a drawbridge to protect the people inside a medieval castle. Build a bridge but make sure you control the people who use it.

The world is more dangerous because of Terrorists and no one in their right mind opposes a wall to keep them out. Zuckerberg may be a victim of Stockholm Syndrome where victims start to agree with their captors. It’s a nice but potentially fatal idea that the people of the world can live together in peace and harmony. Perhaps in another time, far into the future the Utopia Zuckerberg envisions will come true. For now, build a wall.

But Zuckerberg makes a profit from connecting people. Fine, just don’t let the great number of good people blind you to the reality that there is evil in the world and right now terrorists are scheming to kill people in America which is why the adults of America want to build a wall.   

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