Voyeurs are peeping Toms who are often unable to develop a relationship with good looking people. The Cruz campaign and perhaps Cruz himself must be absolutely stunned by Melania Trump and “Lust in Their Hearts” as Jimmie Carter said about himself which is part of the dysfunctional personalities who thought they would embarrass Donald Trump by showing a photograph of Melania that seemed to show her nude although there are women all over the summer beaches with far more skin exposed than the photo of Melania used by the Cruz campaign.

There are voyeurs who delight in looking at a photo because it’s the only way they can get close to super models who are beyond their dreams and their reach. They disguise their lust behind a false morality claim but in the case of Melania the photo of her was clearly a romantic photo that was dripping with good taste. Without realizing what they were doing they provided the Trumps with a lot of free advertising as their evil intentions went completely wrong. Instead of reacting badly to the image, voters saw yet another example of her eminent good taste.

Melania is not only a trophy wife, she’s the mother of a handsome young son and the wife of one of the most successful men on the planet. She is an asset to Donald Trump, a success in her own right, a woman with great taste, a high sense of style who will enhance America’s image as our First Lady. Cruz lost a lot when he tried and failed as he mis-used Melania Trump’s romantic photo to go after her husband Donald Trump.

Cruz is highly educated so he should be able to make complicated analysis and correct conclusions. He failed miserably when he tried to hurt Donald Trump with a photograph of  Melania. 

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