The answer depends on the Northampton political leaders. That would be: “The Township Board of Supervisors which includes Bucks County’s only 30 year old Supervisor. The 30 years is not his age. It’s the number of years he’s been a Northampton Supervisor, breaking the previous record of 24 years.

Most people believe 30 years is far too long in office but others believe the people must be free to vote for whoever they want.

Northampton township is a Republican stronghold along with Bensalem Township. With a brief interruption, Republicans have ruled Northampton Township since it was founded in 1752 except for 6 years from 2006 to 2012. That’s 257 years of Republican control. Maybe that’s not a record but if not, it’s close to one.

People move from Philly; change their registration from Democratic to Republican and keep voting for “Endorsed Republican Candidates”. This gives Republican Officials tremendous behind-the-scenes power.

Most people expect elected officials to be honest despite a constant stream of dishonest officials including District Judges, County Judges and even Supreme Court Judges who sell their influence and often accept both direct and indirect bribes.

Direct bribes are more common than is admitted but a direct bribe can be as innocent seeming as a contribution to the party of the elected official. All political contributions are reported but the public is usually, purposely kept in the dark about them. Have you ever obtained a campaign finance report? Most people, even most political insiders don’t know how to do that.

Indirect bribes include mortgage and credit card payments, landscaping, college tuition payments for the children as well as free private jet travel to all-expense paid vacations.

For an example of Pay-To-Play-Politics look at a campaign report of a conservative and count the “voluntary contributions” from Unions, Attorney’s and Contractors, Developers and Businesses. When someone wants to talk to an elected official, the first item that’s on the agenda is: “The Contribution”.

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