In “PSYCHO”, the Hitchcock thriller-horror movie, Norman Bates shouts: “what did you do mother?” when he comes across the murdered victim. that’s a reminder of what people will say about President Obama after he leaves office and someone will have to clean up the mess he’s left of the world. Hopefully Iran will be stopped from going nuclear because of the deal the President is trying to make with Iran. Instead of trying to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb, the Obama strategy is to delay them for ten years instead of stopping them now.

Does any nation have a right to a nuclear bomb? Of course not. Nations don’t have Rights at all. They don’t need rights because they have power.

Iran doesn’t need a nuclear power plant to make electricity. Iran has more than enough oil for the next thousand years.

Iran cannot be trusted with nuclear bombs because they have violated every treaty they signed.

Iran has vowed to annihilate Israel and America. Why should they be allowed to carry out their wish’s? Other dictatorships have stopped enriching uranium when they were given reasons to stop. Their vow is reason enough to invade the place and remove any leader who want’s to annihilate any other nation.

Iran is run by a religious dictatorship but religious on not, religion is not a reason nor an excuse to murder people.

But President Obama doesn’t see things that way. He has no problem with a nuclear Iran but he should. The protection of America is a good and sufficient reason for Obama to stand against a nuclear Iran.

Iran can attack America with ICBM missiles. Why doesn’t Obama want to protect America? If he makes a deal with Iran that allows them to enrich uranium he will have agreed with making the world a much more dangerous place.

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