Yes he did. Most likely you will not notice it right away because you are a small potatoes single internet user but he slowed down the internet speed for larger users. That’s what he did.
What exactly does that mean?
It is now a violation of the law for an Internet Service Provider to provide you with faster speeds than they provide to their slowest customer.
For example: On the German Autobahn you can go as fast as you want to go. Some people who have say Lamborghini’s, can go 200 mph. Most cars will not go that fast so imagine if the German government made the maximum speed on the internet 77 miles an hour because that’s the fastest some of the less powerful cars can go. Imagine that being done and called “Speed Neutrality.” It’s like Harrison Bergeron asking for a bigger handicap to keep him as equal as those who lack his abilities.

Most people are frightened of an Internet free of regulation because they are also frightened by the free market because they are frightened in turn by the basic attribute needed for a free market, viz., personal Liberty. So people look to a protector instead of becoming their own protector of their Liberty. In poor neighborhoods the youth join gangs. In middle class neighborhoods they mass together in groups. In rich neighborhoods they support politicians or dictators to get their will done which explains why, historically, people have run to kings, queens, popes, mullahs, dictators, politicians and elected officials. Aversion to Independence explains the illusions and coercion of the contemporary entitlement-welfare state. What most people fail to realize — yet what remains true, all the same is: — people are not safe under tyrants. They’re only safe when the best and brightest — the innovators, the brains, the hardest workers — are left free.

That’s why civilization thrives under freedom and collapses under tyrants every time it’s tried and no matter how painstakingly it’s rationalized that’s why there is almost no opposition to Obama regulating the Internet. What a shame.

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