Netanyahu made it easier for Obama to make a good deal with Iran by explaining to Congress that Iran needs the deal. With that knowledge Kerry can negotiate from strength to get Iran’s centrifuges destroyed as part of the deal.

Iran doesn’t need Atomic Power. Atomic power is just another way to make electricity but Iran has way too much oil, oil that can be be used for electricity. They don’t need nuclear power for energy. They need Nuclear Power only to annihilate Israel. Plus, Iran needs Nuclear power and ICBM’s to attack America. So at bottom, Iran needs Nuclear Power only to make war against Israel and America.

That makes it scads easier for Kerry and Obama to make a good deal or to walk away from a bad deal.

Netanyahu was something America needs, viz., an effective leader who loves his country. Obama needs to grow up and to grow a set before he becomes: 1. Effective and 2. A Leader. Right now he’s a petulant child who is in revenge mode against not only Jews but white people. He’s been an insufferable adolescent since he became president. He needs to grow up or resign. Joe Biden is a better man.

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