Chris Wallace forgot how to multiply in his mis-guided zeal to take down Trump. Saving $5 billion in a $3.8 TRILLION dollar budget is 13%, and easily achievable saving.  “But Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump, your numbers don’t add up,” Wallace protested. He then instructed the producers to display a graphic with a fact check and went through the items Trump had mentioned.

“The deficit this year is $544 billion,” Wallace said. “That’s more than a half trillion dollars. Your numbers don’t add up, sir.”

Trump said pharmaceutical companies “don’t bid properly” and are wasting “hundreds of billions of dollars.”

“Excuse me. You are talking about hundreds of billions of dollars,” Trump said.

“No you are not, sir,” Wallace said, instructing producers to put up another graphic showing that Medicare spends $78 billion annually on drugs. But Wallace forgot that $78 billion a year times 10 years is $780 billion on drugs and when the rest of the budget is included the ten year total is a Trump Number. Only people like Trump are used to dealing with Huge Amounts of Money. Chris Wallace, even being overpaid, is too dumb about such things. Oover ten years the Federal Budget is $38 Trillion. Saving $500 billion is chicken feed, even though it’s enough money that only Trump knows what to actually do about it.  

Trump said the program could save $300 billion by negotiating lower drug prices. That’s $30 billion a year for ten years.

“I’m saying saving through negotiation throughout the economy you will save $300 billion a year,” Trump said.

“But that doesn’t cut the federal deficit,” Wallace countered.

“Of course it is, we’re going to buy things for less money. Of course it is,” Trump said.

Time to stop watching FOX because of their attacks against Trump.

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