Trump was right to boycott the anti-Trump CPAC convention. CPAC is very hostile towards Trump. Here’s why:

Alberto “Al” R. Cardenas (born in Cuba in 1948) was the past president of CPAC. He’s a Cuban-born, Jesuit-trained Roman Catholic who supports the two Cubans running against Trump.
Matt Schlapp is the current president of CPAC. He’s a Notre Dame Roman Catholic who hates Trump because Trump won’t play the game.
Both Schlapp and Cardenas are Deep Roman Catholics who put their religious ideas and their Pope before everything. They were trained that way.

CPAC is not the Tea Party. CPAC is profoundly against The Tea Party. CPAC is Bush Mainstream Republicans who play the game by bribing the Republican establishment.


Dinesh D’Sousa came up with the idea that the Tea Party was responsible for the Circus Debate Thursday. Where did D’Sousa get the wrong idea that the Tea Party was responsible for the Circus Debate Thursday night?
Nobody said the Tea Party was responsible for Thursday’s debate circus.

The Republican Establishment want’s to take down Trump because The Republican Establishment will lose control of millions of government jobs when Trump is elected and he closes down the Dept of Education, some of the other alphabet agencies of the federal government who are parasites eating the American Taxpayers. Cruz won’t do that because despite what he says, he’s a Senator who plays The Establishment Game, same as Rubio and Kasich. They are all in the Establishment Republican sandbox even though they oppose the Establishment on a few issues.

The Tea Party should quietly, silently, disown CPAC.

D’Sousa is not Tea Party guy either. A good guy but too buttoned up to be a Tea Party type.

Trump is the only candidate who can beat both Hillary, FOX, and the Republican Establishment.
The people know it and that’s why he’s getting massive crowds at his rallies.

Sure wish Trump could get involved with the local corruption where the “Republican Mafia” controls many government jobs, same as the “Democrat Mafia”.

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