“This is unbelievable – I don’t think anybody should be talking about her being potentially the next President of the United States.”

Former Obama Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

“Someone who does this is completely irresponsible, but totally unaccountable and shows a streak of arrogance to the American public that is unworthy of anyone thinking they can run for President of the United States.”

Hillary’s breach of public trust is MASSIVE – 1600 classified emails, 22 that can’t ever be released to the public they were so classified, even the existence of very highly classified Special Access Program material on her server.

Veteran Democrat pollster and advisor Pat Caddell calls the Clintons’ email scandal – “worse than Watergate,” saying: “This is the greatest scandal in the history of the United States,” and “They were selling out the national interests of the United States directly to adversaries and others for money…”

Washington usually can’t agree on anything but the partisans on both sides know what Hillary did was WRONG. Top Democrats, such as Pat Caddell, and former Obama Administration officials are publicly calling for the end of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign – and her indictment. That verifies it’s getting close to the end.

Imagine what would have happened if anyone else, like General Petraus did what Hillary did. According to former Obama Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Hillary Clinton potentially exposed Special Access Program intelligence to the Chinese and Russians. Special Access Program intelligence is some of the most classified intelligence anyone has access to, and yet Hillary Clinton stored it on an illegal, unsecured, home-brewed email server.

No popular vote can undo 25 years’ worth of dings to her character so she’s reduced to a late night comedians dream with the jokes directed at her dysfunctional and dis-likable personality. She doesn’t belong anywhere near the levers of power.

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