Elvis sang about a dog named “Old Shep” but stupid Shepard “Shep” Smith is another cur at FOX news/Shepard Smith Reporting who doesn’t get Donald Trump. Abnormal Shep was positively nasty today going after The Wall Street Journal’s commentator Glenn Hall, who was patiently explaining to Shep using one syllable words about Donald’s broad-based popularity. There’s less to Shep than his appearance would indicate. He’s a knave who has morphed into a rogue by going after Trump. What’s wrong with Shep?

Shep said Trump is: “representing the worst, darkest part of all that is America.” Wow! Not Terrorism? Not Hillary? Not Bill Clinton or Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder? Not the riots in Ferguson? Travon Martin or the Eric Garner murder by chokehold on Staten Island?

Smith tore Donald Trump, and his plan for Muslims, to shreds. Smith called the plan unlawful, unconstitutional, fear-mongering, racist and “crazy.” He claimed Trump “lied” about Muslims cheering 9/11, (he didn’t. there are video’s) and described the Donald as a “carnival huckster” who “represents the worst, darkest part of all that is America.” Reading between the lines, Shep doesn’t like Trump.

When they come after Trump Fox management, the Wall Street Journal, Murdoch and Ailes are coming after the American people. They believe we don’t have enough brains to govern ourselves nor a right to be safe from terror if it involves taking preventative measures against the class which includes the perpetrators.

Trump is outspoken and against FOX’s idea of surrendering to terrorists. FOX is an in-the-closet Left Wing Liberal organization masquerading as a right wing operation.

Fox  isn’t conservative; they serve Leftie Rupert Murdock and the Liberal money-class that controls what we are told. We’ll take Trump’s honesty over their hypocrisy any day.

Smith needs some re-education time, a couple of weeks in bed just for his stupidity but remember: you can’t fix stupid

Smith is weirdly missing the point that Trump is a successful multi-billionaire. Ole Shep needs a time-out.

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