“Deferred Action for Parents of Americans”, DAPA is AMNESTY.  .  .  . PERIOD. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, (DACA), is also amnesty. Period. . . . .

Obama want’s to flaunt the time honored Immigration Laws and let people who are in America illegaly get all the benefits of American citizens.

The latest decision makes it almost impossible for Obama to win.

The courts have ruled that even if Congress had addressed the question of making illegals legal they: “would still strike down DAPA as an unreasonable interpretation that is “MANIFESTLY CONTRARY” to the Immigration and Naturalization act.”

In protest they brought a Mexican Mariachi band and about 200 of them staged a raucous, rude, distinctly un-American gang of mostly self-admitted Mexicans who screamed and even used their children to show their hatred of American Immigration rules, regulations and laws, laws that refused to legalize illegal immigrants.

Acting like monsters, these distinctly law-ignoring non-American’s weren’t remotely American even though they came from Mexico which is part of Central America.

These people want to jump in line ahead of immigrants who have been following the laws.

They have been stopped twice in the courts, both in the Federal District and the Federal Circuit courts so they are appealing to the U.S. Supreme court to approve their law-breaking behaviors. It won’t work. Instead of demonstrating they need to leave and join the line to come to America by following the law.

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