Born a Roman Catholic in Cuba, he’s a Protestant preacher without a portfolio who is preaching against Donald Trump for the most obvious of reasons, his son, born in Canada is running against Trump and losing. Archangels are the angles most close to God. Raphael is an avenging angel and that’s the role Ted’s father seems to find himself as he’s been trying to demonize Donald. It’s not working.

Rafael is no angel. He’s been divorced once. He was a Canadian citizen who re-married and had Ted. He is a conspiracy theorist who’s still chasing Communists but not terrorists. Maybe it’s a religious thing, Rafael believes Godlessness  is more dangerous than Terrorists who actually do follow God so Rafeal goes after the Godless rather than the Terrorists because Communists are Godless, or so he thinks. He said on the radio that communism requires for government to become your god. An avenger sees red after hearing that.

Rafael got a moment of fame because his son is running against Satan, or so it must seem to Rafael. Funny, these avenging angels who will slay their enemies which drains them of the moral credentials to be peaceful people. Hypocrite? We’ll see.    


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