Can he be the smart one in the Vatican? How can that be when he mashed-up his visit to America by calling for the destruction of our Southern Border and by name calling Donald Trump and saying he wasn’t a Christian. There are 117 Cardinals. There must be at least one hundred smarter than this aging Argentine.

When the Pope was in Cuba he figuratively kissed the culos of the murderous Castro brothers who forbid religion to be practiced in their destroyed country. They killed Catholic Priests when they took control in the 60’s. But, then again, this Pope really isn’t a religious guy, is he? He’s really just another ageing Latin Leftist revolutionary who has major influence as a Catholic “leader.” Look online to see how happy the Pope was meeting a fellow commie leader in Cuba. He’s OK with the murderous commie’s in Cuba but has nothing nice to say about Donald Trump.

Many Catholics have a hard time believing this Pope who advocates the total destruction of America and our unique right to self defense.
It’s time for the Catholic Church to find themselves another Pope. The current one is, well we’ll leave the name-calling for others. For now he should be replaced because he’s too ineffectual to lead the Catholics. Trump on the other hand is an effective and proven leader

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