A violent man threw two shoes at President Bush. Consider that there have been 335 violent people who attacked 335 or more people across Chicago since the start of the year. Only 40 days into 2016, according to the Chicago Tribune. January and February 2015 accounted for 52 criminal murders by 52 criminals in Chicago but that’s not the way the media reported the assaults and murders. Instead of blaming the criminals the media blames their weapons. Instead of reporting the crimes as assaults and the perps as criminals the media must be trying to save on ink by shortening “criminal assaults” as “shootings.”

That’s propaganda and the media know it. Plus, the media never report the millions of times each year that people with guns protected themselves with a gun. Never.

Notice the Charlie Hebdo murders, the Paris murders, the Chattanooga murders and the San Bernardino murders were never reported as murders. Why not” Media bias against the Second Amendment.

Nor do the media report that none of the victims had a gun. the lack of guns is partly because of the crusade against people by the media because the media doesn’t trust people with guns even though millions of Americans own about 350 million guns. The media has never understood Liberty. Instead the media expect obedience to keep people safe but it doesn’t work. Unarmed can be and often is fatal. The media is complicit with the murders. It should instead realize people are capable of being armed and that armed people mean fewer crimes and far fewer murders. More guns mean less crime. Fewer guns mean more murders.

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