Seven years too late but the Investigations of Northampton Government that should have begun in 2000 were called for at the April 24th Board of Supervisors meeting. There was no motion so it was only another cheap political stunt by the most secret administration in the history of Northampton, meaning the Komelasky administrations that go back to 1987. Why secret? Tune in to a Water and Sewer meeting to see the anti-free speech policy still being enforced by the Komelasky appointed water board majority. Outsiders, meaning those not favored by the Komelasky -Silver Axis, are not allowed to speak more than once at the beginning of the meeting.

Compare that with the Pro Free-Speech policy of the Rothermel – Cunningham – Rose, (RCR) administration where free speech is not only listened to in accord with Roberts Rules of Order, it’s encouraged. Watch the water board meetings, – they are on video, against the strenuous objections of the Komelasky water board because the Komelasky board wanted to keep people in the dark. Watch as the board re-arranges the meetings to give their buddies an advantage, forbids comments from the citizens except for one tine before the meat of the meeting begins then keeps saying “you had your chance” to outsiders. Who are outsiders? Those not favored by the Komosasky-Silver Axis. Manipulated meetings. That’s the way meetings were held before last year until RCR changed things for the betters. They are part of what’s best about Northampton.

Imagine. Over 200 years of manipulating the management of the township to the disadvantage of the people. Feel the fresh air of the Rothermel – Cunningham – Rose administration and come out to publicly tell off Komelasky & Silver after they make another of their distorted rants where truth is twisted. These are angry, vindictive people who don’t like competition. Who’s the competition? Those not favored by the bully Komelasky-Silver Axis.  

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