A leaked secret crime report froel’s m Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Agency showed over Two Hundred Eight Thousand crimes in Germany committed by “REFUGEES” during 2014 and 2015. 1,618 were sexual offenses against German women according to Pamela Geller. Why was the German government keeping the crimes report secret? Because it would ruin Angela Merkel’s scheme to bring in even more criminal refugees. 

“The 446 alleged sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve threw Germany into an uproar, mostly because of accusations that the German government collaborated with the media to downplay the incident. Of particular note Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker blamed the women assault victims and suggested women should abide by a code of conduct to avoid future assaults.

“Due to crime rates and generally undesirable behavior, tensions over importing over a million refugees were high, and the New Years celebration assaults in Cologne, committed mostly by Arabs and North Africans, pushed ordinary Germans over the edge. A recent poll indicated 40 percent of Germans want Chancellor Angela Merkel to resign due to her poor handling of the refugee crisis. She has admitted Europe has totally lost control of the situation.”

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