The Pope attacked America’s leading Republican political Presidential candidate, Donald Trump by saying Trump should build bridges, not walls. Chris Matthews tried to defend the leader of his church, that would be Pope Francis and the Catholic Church, in FORTUNE magazine by changing the subject to protection of the poor and global warming. Robert Hennelly from SALON did the same thing but it’s not working. Pope Francis is extremely popular among Catholics but millions of Catholics became ex-Catholics and some even became anti-Catholics because of the official protection of the pedophilia priests, bishops and even cardinals, Cardinal Bernard Law who escaped prosecution and for whom the Pope is refusing to extradite being the worst. A more balanced and nuanced analysis of this pope which should not be read by the faithful, (that’s meant as a warning), was written by Ilana Mercer last October, HERE

In 2003 and 2004, Cardinal Bevilacqua of Philadelphia testified 10 times before multiple grand juries regarded accusations he had protected and shielded priests accused of molesting children. A final grand jury report said it had no doubt that the cardinal knew about the danger posed by the accused priests and that his actions endangered thousands of children in the archdiocese.

In 2012, a document was discovered showing Cardinal Bevilacqua had ordered Monsignor James Molloy, now deceased, who served in the Office of the Vicar to Cardinal Bevilacqua until 1994, to destroy a list of 35 abusive priests. Monsignor William Lynn was accused of covering up cases of abuse by archdiocesan priests, having at the time been the highest U.S. Catholic Church official to face criminal charges. This issue created even more anti-Catholics.

The internet makes it easy to verify the radical nature of Pope Francis and his institution which has always used the route popularized by Vladimir Lenin, of pretending to work in the name of the poor to cover-up their crimes. For those who think religion is true, stop right here. For you others study the Magdalene laundries, where for decades thousands of girls and young women were forced to work by nuns whose illicit child abuse and child torture was supported by the entire apparatus of the Catholic church and to keep exposing the Pope and his institution, pedophilia and child abuse being only two of the horrendous issues against it and them. From 2001 to 2010 the Holy See, the central governing body of the Catholic Church, considered sex abuse allegations concerning about 3,000 priests dating back up to fifty years. Why no expose and why no punishment? What can cause such evils?

Celibacy. Celibacy is a denial of the sexual nature of a maturing or mature individual. Celibacy causes or is highly likely to cause repression of and the denial of sexual expression which leads to many follow-on perversions and clearly explains the high incidence of nuns and priests who engage in pedophilia, misogyny and misandry. An unhealthy psyche as well as self-abuse become expected then supported at least by the denial of the problems or by the knowing and active cover-up of the leaders.

But Pope Francis has gone further off-course.He lacks his authority over Protestant’s, LGBT’s and especially over Evangelical Americans. He badly misjudged Donald Trump and the American political scene over which he not only lacks religious authority, he lacks the moral sense of America which stands athwart his demands for obedience which he enforces with a rather vapid . In Francis’ native Argentina, the Catholic Church enjoys the moral authority to speak out on plainly political matters. And it regularly employs that authority. While he was Argentina’s bishop, Pope Francis staunchly opposed the legalization of gay marriage as “a destructive attack on God’s plan.”

Catholic opponents responded to his attacks. Rather than exploiting the chance to go after Trump, they actually turned on their Holy Father: Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, erstwhile Trump punching bags, tapped in to join his tag team. “We should have a strategy to secure our border,” said Bush. “That’s not an un-Christian thing to do.” Added Rubio: “We’re a sovereign country and we have a right to control who comes in, when they come in and how they come in,” just as the Vatican does.
Here, to stunned observers, was the rhetorical equivalent of shooting someone at point blank on Fifth Avenue and getting away with it: A thrice-married casino mogul seizing the moral high ground from one of the world’s holiest men. On Twitter, Trump’s senior adviser and social media director posted a photo with a caption suggesting the pope was a hypocrite, “considering Vatican City is 100% surrounded by massive walls.”
That was tame compared to Ann Coulter, who tweeted: “[Between] Trump & the Pope, which one runs a huge multinational that protects subordinates when they rape little boys?”

By naively misreading the American political scene, Francis renewed the Protestant-Catholic culture wars that plagued America for much of its history. By inserting himself into this presidential campaign, he has re-ignited one of the oldest anxieties in American politics: the fear of papist intervention in America as well as the ongoing battle between Catholicism; it’s Crusaders and the Islamic world. Hasn’t Catholicism enough baggage?

Religion has an easy burden. It must be right. It is divinely based doctrine which causes it to exist. God cannot make a mistake, not even one so anything attributed to him cannot be mistaken either, otherwise either he or religion is based on false ideas. There’s no second choice with the basis to judge religion. Not just Catholicism but each and every instance of religion. Not just Moses. Not just the Crusades but the use of religion to cause 9/11. Each event must be judged as God is judged and if it faulters the entire concept is destroyed. That’s what morality means. It is absolute. that’s why it’s called morality. That’s why the Catholic Church invented the idea of the infallibility doctrine, so religious mistakes can escape judgment. But unfortunately for the Catholic Pope he cannot escape the internet or human judgment. Fortunately we have that without needing religion. Same for our sexual nature. We aren’t infallible. We can never make that claim however we don’t have to. Just as we developed the wheel, discovered penicillin and invented jet engines and rockets, we developed the ideas of Reality, Reason, and Ethics of which morality is only one part. It turns out we don’t have to be infallible in everything to be infallible in some things and we don’t need the sky gods of this Pope to be human.   

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