…by not stepping up immediately against Hitler when he invaded Russia on June 22, 1941. Churchill started the appeasement ball rolling when he wired Roosevelt that America “should give all encouragement and any help we can spare to the Russians”.
Roosevelt made a massive mis-calculation when he said he’d immediately support Churchill and WWII ended with Russia gaining Eastern Europe including half of Germany, the Baltics, and parts of the Far East.

Russia Won WWII!

America and Great Britain paid the bill.

Putin, following Stalin’s example took The Crimea from Ukraine. The West did nothing to stop him or to get him out. Sanctions? Russia can get everything they want or need on their own. The only thing that stopped Hitler was war. Sadly the United Nations are united against America and in love with dictators like Putin. Unfortunately America is being ruled by President Obama, one of history’s great appeasers who decided to give up against the Terrorists and to send the 101 Airborne to West Africa where they can catch and die from Ebola.

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