Entropy is a word in the Thermodynamics textbooks. It measures the gradual decline in order of a natural system. There’s entropy in a declining culture too. It’s “The Ferguson Effect”, the decline in the order of the city. As order declines, chaos increases.

The entropy of Ferguson is so bad the Federal Government has stepped in to replace the police force. The Ferguson police haven’t been able to keep order in Ferguson. The riots, arson’s, the shooting and looting have increased faster than the police could keep order so the Federal government decided to reverse the chaos.

Thermodynamic entropy can be decreased by adding heat. In Ferguson the cultural entropy needs to be slowed down but better policing is like trying to fix a flat tire without fixing the hole. The police aren’t the problem. More and better policing won’t fix the people of Ferguson. The feds can’t bring order to Ferguson without fixing the cause of the behaviors of the people of Ferguson.
OTOH, maybe the problems can’t be fixed. Entropy.

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