Bloomberg is 74 years old, lacks charm, is not at all charismatic , is completely devoid of a common touch and is a social liberal so he will draw votes away from the Democrat candidate who will be less liberal than Little Mike.

Bloomberg is a compulsive nanny-stater who believes he knows better what people should do then they do themselves. He outlawed smoking in New York bars, restaurants and public places; prohibited the sale of cigarettes to anyone under 21; forbade trans-fats in restaurants; prohibited sodas larger than 16 ounces, outlawed chain restaurant menus without calorie counts, prohibited cellphones in schools,banned  non-fuel-efficient cabs, banned greenhouse gas emissions, and prohibited non-hurricane-proof buildings in coastal areas.

Bloomberg is a zealot about guns and wants tougher gun control laws so his candidacy would produce a deluge of contributions to the National Rifle Association. He’s certified obsessive-compulsive as well as narcissistic. These personality quirks along with his extreme social views, would sink him in Red State America. He’s a short, bad news bear.

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