There’s a certain feeling when a sitting President is campaigning for his re-election during his first term. Elected people who campaign for public office are sort of given a pass when they campaign but there are limits they are expected to follow. President Obama exceeded those limits years ago. He was campaigning for his re-election in the fourth paragraph of his inaugural speech when he comdemned the policies of President Bush, not by name but by listing the problems he didn’t solve. Obama has never stopped trying to get re-elected. He has spent tax money to fly to places to give re-election speeches. The liberals tell us that he is campaigning because Presidents are politicians first and that’s what politicians do. No they don’t and no they should not be politicians first or even politicians when they carry out the requirements of their office. It’s a wrong way to act. It’s a fraud on the people to take the money they provide and use it against the entire opposite political party as well as against the Constitution itself. The man lacks a certain grace. That doesn’t mean he’s not lithe on his feet or that he is not smooth and suave in the way he treats and responds to people. It’s about the grace that’s above that, the disrespect he has shown by flaunting his political activities, especially by going on some cheap TV shows like the view, Leno and Letterman. President Bush had too much respect for the office to cheapen it the way Barry did. Many other politicians campaign during their first terms and that’s unfortunate because the people are the losers. From blaming Bush to saying it’s a bigger job to run the country than he thought, to his current message that everyone knows he’s tried as hard as he could,…. as he then said, to get the Republicans to go along with his left wing social and economic programs. The Republicans have had their hands full with his bully tyrant style. His Attorney General is guilty of  Contempt of Congress. I hope the Republican party and the voters can elect Mitt Romney and elevate the Presidency to it’s proper place.

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