Here’s a list of the top ten choices according to a recent poll that listed the top 28 candidates according to “the people”. None of the early polls mean much because the campaigns didn’t start yet, at least not officially. These are just the most popular people as of today.

10th. Nikki Haley 78.19 C+
9th. Sarah Palin 80.13 B-
8th. Marco Rubio 81.61 B-
7th. Rick Perry 82.25 B-
6th. Bobby Jindal 85.12 B
5th. Rand Paul 85.73 B
4th. Allen West 87.55 B+
3rd. Dr. Ben Carson 88.99 B+
2nd. Scott Walker 92.02 A-
1st Ted Cruz 92.47 A-

Any of these people could easily replace President Obama today and do a better job. Here’s a modified list that seems more probable at the moment.

3rd. Marco Rubio
2nd. Scott Walker
1st Ted Cruz, although it seems more probable that Scott Walker would be President and Ted Cruz Vice President, Marco Rubio is sufficiently popular to be the top pick. Bottom Line? Too early to predict.

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