It’s not official until Scott Petri, (R-178) makes it official but “unofficially” Scott Petri will campaign for the Republicans of Bucks County to replace Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick who pledged this will be his last term. How do we know that?

First, Congressman Fitzpatrick went out of his way for over a year to attend every Tea Party meeting and event possible. Petri seems to be following Fitzpatrick’s lead. Last night in Middletown at a Tea Party-Patriots meeting Petri impressed the group with his firm grasp and commitment to good government.

Second, Bucks County has an ample supply of great Republican candidates who could do the job in Washington but Petri stands out from the rest of a good bunch. Representatives like: Kathy Watson, Bernie O’Neill, Marguerite Quinn, Rob Loughery, & State Senator Chuck McIllhinney are each capable people who would do an excellent job in Congress.

Third, Representative Gene DiGirolamo (R-18) from Bensalem has represented his district for several decades. He has declined to run for Congress and he supports Petri. That’s a good sign because Bensalem is the largest municipality in Bucks and the Republicans have controlled the township seemingly forever. A nod of the head from DiGirolamo is extremely important to Petri’s efforts.

Fourth, Petri is an extremely good attorney who is convincing in argument and presentation. He can carry himself well and will be an asset to Bucks County, the Republican party and the people in Congress.

Fifth, Petri is very approachable and thought-worthy dealing with complicated political issues. He can calculate on his feet and has a soothing approach to dealing with controversy.

Sixth, having opposed him in past campaigns provided insight and experience to certify he is a good, honest, caring man. He can build on the work of Congressman Fitzpatrick and keep Bucks County in the forefront of Washington’s governance.

Petri should travel to the Middle East and Eastern Europe, especially Kiev to get himself involved on the world stage where America’s advice and council can help other nations. This advice was taken by Congressman Fitzpatrick and Scott Petri can benefit from it too.

Seventh, Congressman Fitzpatrick knows and supports Scott Petri for Congress.

Those reasons are sufficient but there are more.

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