“Amen” means “The End” to a holy prayer and “Holy” Ted Cruz joins the ash heap of history along with “Holy” Hunckabee and “Saint” Santorum as winners of the Iowa Republican Caucus while losing the Presidency.

It’s on to victory for Donald J. Trump who had the most visible presence –except for the holy bible, –in Iowa. Cruz is dangerous because he won in Iowa mostly because of his religion. That’s un-American. That’s closer to the values of the Middle East. He is using the power of the crucifix to get votes.

Ted “Christian” Cruz, supported by FOX’s Megyn “Catholic” Kelly, schmoozed-up the evangelicals and the Tea Parties in Iowa. Cruz’s father, Rafael, journeyed to every corner of the state, again and again, huddling with pastors and preaching in churches. Ted announced he was a candidate at Jerry Falwell’s Christian Liberty University. He fielded an enormous organization starting with 99 pastors, one in each of Iowa’s 99 counties, pastors like his father had his come to Jesus aganda. Was it his victory or the victory of their Christian bible? Hint: Bible.

Donald Trump said there were 17 candidates when he started and to come in second in Iowa was an honor, (the guy has a knack for the best answers) and he found he loved the people of Iowa and he might “come back and buy a farm here”. 


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