Accused NAZI judge Janning asked: “What difference does it make if a few political extremists lose their rights? What difference does it make if a few racial minorities lose their rights?” because the Third Reich worked for “the benefit of people.” Isn’t that always to cry of those getting away with injustice? Some Americans are pulling down the Confederate Flag for the benefit of some of the people. Hillary blamed a video and the video maker was arrested to protect people from being attacked again by the Muslim militants in Benghazi. When questioned about her involvement in the failure to protect the Americans in Benghazi she responded: “what difference does it make?” just like the NAZI judge asked “What difference does it make if a few minorities lose their rights?”

Hillary’s missing e-mails are just like President Nixon’s missing 18 minutes of White House recordings. Hillary knew the value of destroying evidence because she worked on the prosecuting team against Nixon.

It makes a difference. Everything makes a difference but the reason it makes a difference is: Hillary wants to be President of the United States. With her demonstrated lack of integrity she must be kept out of the Oval office. With her demonstrated bad judgment she should not get the Democratic party nomination next year.

Germany is not so far away and neither is the NAZI party. Of course Hillary is neither German nor a NAZI but her remark is identical to the reason given by a NAZI judge for sending innocent people to their death. Hillary’s bad judgment led to the death’s of four people in Benghazi. Hillary lied about the cause of the attack then tried to sweep it under the rug by asking “what difference does it make?”

Let’s not let her get away with her past bad judgments. Electing her President could lead to more fatalities. That’s the difference it makes.

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