If the age-old reason for marriage is pro-creation then the Supreme Court ruling approving marriages between gay men must have changed the attributes of gay men regarding their capability to begin and sustain a pregnancy. That’s the way nature works. Individuals become pregnant. That’s the nature of pregnancy which until now has been the exclusive domain of fertile women.

The medical research into tactics to impregnate gay men can begin apace now that the Supreme Court has identified the connection between gayness and pregnancy. Who knew?

Or did the Supreme’s get it wrong? If it’s impossible for gay men: to impregnate gay men; to get themselves impregnated; to remain impregnated and to complete a pregnancy, when did that change? It stands to reason that since pregnancy is the sole path to pro-creation then the approval of the Supreme court to pro-create must have been the sole barrier to gay marriages.

If however pregnancy is not a requirement of pro-creation then what’s the big deal about marriage?

But marriage is a big deal. It’s the announcement to the world that two people have bonded on the deepest human level therefore they want to confirm their decision to stay together for life. It’s the bonding that’s important. It’s about that bond that the Supreme Court should have figured out what to do when two men or two women want to announce their decision to stay together for life. Its about that commitment and that decision the Supreme’s were deciding. Unfortunately for both hetero’s and homosexuals they got it wrong. Everyone is damaged.

The case wasn’t about the idea of marriage. If it was it would not have been accepted by the courts in the first place. Gay people can certainly pledge their love however they decide but there are impossible things in the world and marriage is impossible for non-pro-creators. One of the basic requirements for marriage is heterosexuality. It’s not about sperm donations. Many gay men have that capability. Bruce Jenner did and probably still does since he still has his “junk”. It’s not about love or commitment either. Plenty of gay men can love. Anyone can commit to millions of things. Gay men can love, commit and promise just about anything but they cannot become pregnant.

Marriage is not always about pregnancy but it’s always about heterosexuality. How do we know that? Because of pregnancy. Sure, many un-married people can become pregnant but not men. Nature set it up that way. How do we know nature set it up so that only women can get pregnant? Are you serious? That’s what the Supreme’s got wrong.

Marriage is far more than a word. It’s far more than love, commitment and children. The children sort of show the way to figure out the nature of marriage. Work backwards from children; to conception; to commitment; to love; to physical attraction; to heterosexuality and it becomes apparent that the idea of a lifelong relationship is far deeper than the one word used to describe all of that. Marriage. It’s a hetero thing.

What should gays do about marriage? For now they can actually get “married” but it’s a far different thing than marriage between hetero’s. One of three things will happen. 1.Either gay marriage will be ignored as an issue and the gays will get “married” or 2.another Supreme court decision will change the law back to marriage exclusively between a man and a woman or 3.a new word or phrase will be invented to recognize what the gay’s want recognized. The path of least problems is #3.

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