Wrong question. Police must never ever punish. Police must never, ever use excessive force and as an example must never kill people in their custody like they did to Floyd George. minneapolis protest george floydSo far as what should be done… the guilty must be punished. The problem right now is that Minneapolis has gone beyond police brutality and into the world of abject rage along with rioting. What’s going to happen?…. The riots will end as riots always do and the aftermath is the re-building of the damage caused by the rioters but that fails to address the behavior of the rioters. That won’t happen. A lot of gaslighting by all sides will go on for perhaps six to eight months and when that’s over, nothing will change and life will go on because the problem has never been just about police brutality. Nor is it about criminal behavior. The underlying problem is the failure to grasp the differences between and among people. That hasn’t changed since Cain killed Able. That won’t change and regardless of the aftermath of the Minneapolis murder by the cops and the riots by the people the underlying differences will remain. ImageUnfortunately for those who want to make things different, the differences will still be there watching and waiting for the next time. There will be a next time because of the differences. Square pegs don’t go into round holes.

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