While the current discussions focus on whether Obama is a Socialist, a Fascist or a Totalitarian the foundational question should be: “What Happened To Capitalism?”

America was founded on the principles of Individual Rights, not the rights of the collective.

But America evolved to collective and majority rule.

Until the 18th century Europe was a collection of monarchies. Most have been replaced by a sort of collectivism with some freedom’s but the average European likes their country, (the collective), is happy more or less with state control and believes his country is better than any other.

No European country ever supported the Individual over the Community. The United Nations supports each country’s power to decide what are the rights of it’s citizens. For about 150 years America supported individual freedom protected by the government. For about 150 years American government’s operated in approximate parallel to the Constitution.

America never fully adopted Capitalism. It’s always been “mostly Capitalist” with state regulation and control where money, in effect the productivity, the labor of each individual, is taken from everyone to operate the government and government has steadily gotten bigger and bigger.

It’s not a stretch to say Americans work a lot for the government. That’s the purpose of taxes. It’s the way government gets free labor from the voters but it’s a hidden process, a sort of Emperor’s clothes. Everyone sees the money grabs by federal, State and local governments but no one talks about or confronts it. .

Money is the lubricant that lets the state slide along controlling and regulating things without the population at large catching on. Taxes are not the end result government wants. Money is; – because money lets government do all it wants without asking permission all along the way.  

It’s 140 years from 1789 when the Constitution was approved to the 1929 depression. Prior to 1929 the Left correctly sensed openings favorable to more regulation. FDR moved America into a war most people opposed and increased socialism which very few people realized. His so called “New Deal” was the same “Raw Deal” leaders have always given people. That’s what FDR was able to do.

When the Depression of 1929 set in, an event caused by more and more federal government regulations, regulations that made it harder for business to make the money it needed to continue. Businesses closed because of the additional burdens of a demanding, right’s ignoring government. The jobs disappeared because the businesses closed.

It was the same thing that caused American Manufacturing to diminish. Taxes that took too much money from businesses; regulations that made it more difficult to operate a business. Things like a minimum wage that made it impossible for some businesses to earn money and when they closed the low income earners no longer had a job. The minimum wage seems ridiculous to a worker whose job disappeared because of the inability of a business to continue with no money.

It’s a bit abstract to show the harm caused by government meddling in the economics of a culture because it requires some understanding of how business works. But government doesn’t care much how business works. Government sees lots of money going into the cash registers of American stores like Wal-Mart, Costco and Macy’s. It decides it wants some of it so it demands it and penalizes people who cannot or will not pay it.

The Left invented catchy slogans which although false sounded good to the masses. Things like “Fair Share”, “Racism”; “the Common Good”, Affirmative Action” and “Control of Big Business” turned the masses against business and like a person intent on getting their share who gradually removes the possibility to keep what people earn, America became a non-Capitalist country.

The American Welfare state is a reality. Government pays some people not to work. It pays some farmers not to farm. It taxes industry which is forced to close and countries like China, Japan and India move in to produce the goods and employ their people while Americans go happily onto welfare. But it’s a diminishing game.

That’s how Capitalism disappeared in America. It never really appeared in Europe. The rest of the world are like children operating lemonade stands compared to American giants who invented more efficient steel making, who teased aluminum from rocks, who invented or perfected electric lighting, aircraft, helicopters, moon rockets and even machines that made people no longer necessary to operate the machines of war, thereby saving lives while confronting the evil people and their empires.   

Yes, it’s not quite over but Big Steel no longer operates in America. Most cars assembled here use parts made in foreign countries.  Most manufacturing is no longer done in America.

The latest suicide mission is to stop America from producing energy itself.

President Obama has closed or is closing coal using companies. That would be the power plants that make electricity. He slowed down oil exploration and production. He joined Al Gore and The Green Lobby and effectively stopped Nuclear Power. If Americans can’t light and heat their homes in cold weather they’ll just have to go to bed early and wait for dawn

Requiem Pace Capitalism. You were spectacular when you were guiding us.



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