Feb. 1, 2016.  State Representative Scott Petri quietly announced over a year ago that he had checked with the Bucks County Republican Godfathers and they cleared him to run but the Fitzpatrick brothers engineered a coup that caused Petri to quit his Congressional run. The match that blew up the Petri Plan was brother Brian, now almost sure to be endorsed as the Official Republican candidate for the 8th Congressional District that includes just about all of Bucks, some of Montgomery and some of Philadelphia counties. the Republican endorsement’s are being held and it was just announced Petri will be on the Republican Ballot for his State Rep seat but not for U.S. Congress showing the immense advantage of a good name.

Older brother Michael has handed over the Fitzpatrick name to brother Brian. That’s especially bad news for the Democrats who will be reduced to weeping and gnashing. While no election is ever a slam-dunk, Mike Fitzpatrick has been especially popular in Bucks since he was first appointed Commissioner over other older candidates by Party Leader Harry Fawkes. In his last election Mike Fitzpatrick received the highest percentage of the vote ever in Bucks County. Brian is the recipient of the Fitzpatrick name as well as the support of the Bucks County Republican Committee people. 

Whether this will constitute the official Republican Party endorsement is still somewhat of a mystery but the support of the 400 or so rank and file committee members may lead the Republican Executive Committee who are the specially chosen 100 committee members, chosen not by the citizens and voters but by the party insiders to support their choice, not the choice of the party leaders to join the elected committee members because the 400 are the people who actually do the grunt work of working the voters.

Local politics is about controlling the votes by the favors and services done by the committee members. Sure the local bosses and the county and state bosses have a lot to say about what the committee people are supposed to do but because of the gap between the 100 Executive Committee people and the 400 actual committee people a popular politician who knows them and knows how to run a successful campaign, a candidate like Mike Fitzpatrick and his heir and brother Brian who can manage the 400 committee people it may be that the party bosses won’t be able to control the committee people.

In other words, Mike Fitzpatrick may have just inherited Harry Fawkes office in Doylestown. He may have left Congress to run Bucks County. That makes Mike Fitzpatrick one of the biggest party bosses in Pa. 


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