We get the black riots to get better lives in Ferguson thru arson; that Racism along with an increase in acceptable anti-white killings; that police aren’t wanted in black neighborhoods and that Islam is more accepted by the Black Culture but why are more blacks killing more blacks? Protests and intense scrutiny of police officers who used lethal force had caused officers to become disengaged from their jobs, making streets more dangerous. Some have called it the “Ferguson effect,” after the St. Louis suburb in which Michael Brown Jr. was shot and killed by a police officer in 2014. Homicides in the country’s 50 largest cities rose nearly 17 percent last year, the greatest increase in lethal violence in a quarter century.

A Wonkblog analysis of preliminary crime data found that about 770 more people were killed in major cities last year than the year before, the worst annual change since 1990.
Baltimore had 346 homicides last year, up 59% from 204,

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