The man is a smelly, ungroomed human pig, a swine who looks like his goofus mind that propels him into the bottom left corner of politics. Why is the name of everything good did Me-Me Megyn support the man? Only to go after Donald Trump in a contest of which Me-Me cannot let go.

Bernie, Obama, Hillary and Kelly supports him. Moore is Marx Resurrected. He want’s government to pay for everything: food, rent, clothes, condoms, doctors and drugs. He wants oppression instead of freedom. He want’s Trump to bow down to Me-Me-Megyn.

The Daily Mail reported: ‘Voldemort’: Megyn Kelly’s astonishing off-camera insult to Donald Trump revealed as Fox feud with Republican front-runner overshadows debate – and channel claims he DEMANDED $5 million to end his boycott”. Voldemort is the embodiment of evil in the seven best-selling novels and the hit spin-off movies.

“Megyn Kelly called Donald Trump ‘Voldemort’ off-camera at tonight’s debate after the front-runner boycotted, a Republican candidate (Cruz) said. And to add to the toxicity, a smiling Cruz turned to Kelly at the end of his interview and said: ‘Nice job tonight.’

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