Two people with the same IQ have different intelligences because an IQ test only tests the maximum IQ but not the intensity of the thoughts. That doesn’t invalidate IQ tests, –they test for “G” which is General Intelligence. They do not measure the intensity of the intellectual effort. They test for Mental Ability; the use of reason; the use of the brain to analyse and conclude. They do not measure the speed of thought; the speed of the neurons through the brain tissue.

The so called “Bell Curve” represents the number of individuals in a culture who have the same IQ. It is two dimensional. An actual bell is three dimensional but the intellectual ability of the brains of a culture is known to have perhaps as many as ten dimensions. It’s impossible to draw a ten dimensional curve.

The state of IQ testing is certainly solid. All of the connections of intelligence with performance are solid but people are competent and variable. The simple question of What does a 3-D intelligence shape mean? should be lasked abd blended into the mix.

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