“Arriving in Washington to the cheers of populists Rubio went native and signed on to amnesty. Now he’s against it.

“He voted for “fast track,” the GOP’s pre-emptive surrender of Congress’s constitutional power to amend trade treaties.

He hailed the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade treaty President Obama brought home which weakened America and cost America trade dollars and jobs.

“Now he is moving crabwise away from the TPP. Shiftiness, however, does not bother the establishment; it reassures the establishment.

“Rubio is “The Hustler,” the “Fast Eddie” Felson of 2016. And the Beltway is “all in” behind him.

“He is now the candidate of the Washington crowd that a majority of Republicans voted to reject in Iowa, the darling of the donor class and the last hope of a Beltway punditocracy that recoils whenever the pitchforks appear.” So says Pat Buchanan

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