May 142018

Gun mag author Fred Reed says this about himself. Fred Reed is a retired news weasel and part-time sociopath. He’s just another sociopath who abandoned the USA for the charms of women South of the Border and now lives near the water inside, ….ready??  ….. Mexico?? This can’t be made up. It shows Reed at his goofiest.

The South of the Border living goof says this about Trump: “profoundly ignorant, incoherent, narcissistic, weak, and easily manipulated. He loves attention and craves praise. He is also corrupt. As a businessman he danced just this side of the law in many shady real-estate deals. All of this is documented, but few will read of it.”

“Few will read it” but he has. Wonder of wonders, right. Here Fred the Fool is trying to claim he’s better at reading than most Americans. Here’s a flash for little Freddie. The Iran deal is a pathway for Iran to get nuclear weapons. It approves of a Nuclear bomb for Iran. Dummy Freddie.

Consider as reported at American Thinker HERE. : “

De-escalation of hostilities and of tensions in the Middle East, particularly between Iran and Israel, is wholly desirable.  Whether this occurs depends not on Trump’s withdrawal decision, but on Iranian intentions and actions.  It was expected that demonstrations throughout Iran would take place in protest against Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal.  More ominous is Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s declaration that Israel will not exist in 25 years and that the “holy system of the Islamic Republic” will increase its missile capabilities and that Israel will become “sleepless.”

Israel is not a country with two sleepy people with nothing to say.  And perhaps it is the supreme leader who will lose sleep now that Saudi Arabia has made clear that it will develop its own nuclear weapons if Iran does.