Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, a self-identified Christian Pastor, journeyed to every corner of the state, again and again, huddling with pastors and preaching in churches. Ted Cruz committed sacrilege according to many religions leaders when he cheapened Christianity by bringing Jesus Christ into the Iowa Caucuses. Disgraceful.

It’s important to remember that for President John F. Kennedy, his faith tradition not only informed and influenced his personal identity, but also played a central role in his and all Americans’ public engagement. To separate Religion from Government is to separate Religious Authority from Government’s Powers. It’s clear and obvious the Pope has no authority in America. To promote the ideas of the Pope to justify one single law, let alone entire sections of the law would undermine the authority of the entire United States. It’s a tautology. If the Pope is in charge, the law matters not and if the law is in charge the Pope matters not.

On the other hand, in matters of religion, the government isn’t in charge at all. The individual is on his own.

But the combination of the power of the Pope and the power of the government destroys the need for Individual Rights because the moral basis of government power would be the Pope. Substitute the power of the clergy in Iowa for the Pope and that undermines not only government by the people but the people themselves. That’s the danger and the sacrilege Ted Cruz when he appealed to the religious ideas to troll for votes. He cheapened his Christian religion and undermined the basis for American government.

That’s a disgrace.

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