The two parties and the Tea Parties are in complete, psychological denial over Trump’s popularity because he doesn’t fit their scheme. In addition they cannot believe the voters aren’t stupid or irrevelant like both parties have presumed. The voters get Trump. The parties don’t.

Trying to explain Trumps popularity using terms like Conservative, Populist, or Nationalist don’t work because his popularity is because he’s none of those. He’s something the parties forgot about decades ago. Trump is, simply, something they cannot understand. He’s an American. He’s as authentic as the hero’s John Wayne played.

He likes Sarah Palin and she likes him so he invited her; sent his huge airplane up to Alaska and she came and brought all of us who knew how viciously she was mocked and ridiculed by the sleazy, wicked people like Tina Fey, the Left and the mainstream media. She brought her authenticity, an authenticity mocked even by John McCain and we love it.

The voters are tired of politicians. Trump is not a politician. In front of a crowd you can sense his authentic humility as well as his superb pride in his own success. He’s grateful to the people took time out of their busy, over taxed, over-regulated lives to wait in long lines to see him.

The critics and pundits are shocked but the so-called average voter knows what it is that Trump has to offer. Himself. No pretense. The guy likes to win. He likes gold. He loves everything about life that can be loved. He even likes golf courses and he’s built some of the best. That’s his style. The best and that’s what the parties cannot get. They are used to tricks and traps but not authenticity. The political parties and that includes the Tea Parties, just don’t understand their own voters.

How do I know that? Democrats are going to vote for him. Why? Because he’s authentic.

America is about Capitalism. The parties detest the idea of an unregulated Market but Trump succeeded in business, in the market despite the politicians. He paid their fees and contributed to their political fund raisers so much that when he wanted Hillary at his wedding he only had to ask and she came. He knew how to control Hillary and she was happy being controlled.

No one in politics has seen the likes of Trump. He doesn’t fit the Political Science degree politician. Poly Sci majors can learn from him because their professors can’t. They don’t know about authentic people. They are used to labeling and categorizing voters into Conservatives, Neo-conservatives, Liberals, Left-leaning Liberals and them into microscopic sub-categories, but Trump doesn’t fit their neat analysis. He’s neither confronting the Right or the Left. He’s himself. We know it. He’s going into the White House and when he’s there we know he’ll be comfortable because he’s at home as a world-class businessman. He can deal with Putin because, like Ronald Reagan, like George Washington he knows who he is. We like that. America needs to be made great again. Trump will do that without breathing hard.

Finally, unlike the illegal immigrants, we can come out of the shadows.
Trump Trump Trump the people are marching. Trump has made us, once again, proud to be Americans. And look around. The rest of the civilized world is cheering too.

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