A professor with a PhD from Temple, Jack Kerwick who posts essays on Townhall recently commented on “Blackism” which he identified as the operating philosophy of President Obama, ..as long as he can get away with it. Obama’s book had the subtitle “A Story Of Race And Inheritance”. Despite the hope he would decrease the racial divide between black and white people, he has worsened it. He has, according to his own account conducted his entire life as a love affair with racial resentment. That’s curable but it has to be cured by it’s possessor. Odds are against that.

Obama disingenuously campaigned as a half-white half-black candidate who would bring us together when he was hiding his mono-ethnocentricticity, viz., his fixation against whites. He described Hawaii in the 1970’s as: “a nightmare of racism.” Those are the roots of his Blackism. That hasn’t been good for white Americans.

Obama is a Socialist second. The professor sees Obama “as a blackist who “affirms an explicitly—and thoroughly—racial conception of history.” Bam’s socialism does not drive his ideology.

“As a “proponent of blackism,” Obama embraces socialism, because he believes, rightly or wrongly, that it will benefit his race. Blackists further believe, Kerwick says, that

“…white racism is endemic…Whatever gains black Americans and formerly colonized peoples of color in other parts of the world have made over the decades, white racism remains as formidable, and destructive, a force as it has ever been.

“Blackism also requires from “all of its adherents in good standing” that they “express some measure of indignation or rage regarding the historical injustice suffered by blacks and the persistent omnipresence of—what else?—white racism.” Blackists “unabashedly heed the call for ‘social’ or ‘racial justice’” for this means, in effect that ”a robust and activist government…will possess the power necessary to compensate blacks for the past harms that had been visited upon them by white racism.”

Obama is also a public Christian but he disguises his Muslim roots. That’s the basis for his anti-West behavior. He equates Terrorism with the Crusades, evidence of his moral idiocy. He did that during his address to the National Prayer Breakfast but his inflammatory remarks were whitewashed by the press.

Obama worsened America by his approval of illegal immigration and illegal immigrants, people he used to un-white America because that’s what the blackist voices in his head told him he should do. That’s why 10,000 Cubans, not 10,000 Europeans are streaming across America’s Southern border. Donald Trump will have a lot of work to do getting the wall built and making sure the Cuban refugees are either here legally or, …well America is certainly big enough to handle 10,000 Communist citizens of Cuba, right? Or maybe they should be reverse Muriel boatlifted back to Havana. Compassion shouldn’t be stupid. Of course the Muriel Boatlift that imported 120,000 Cubans to Florida was responsible for getting all those Spanish street signs in Florida with no reverse compesation for Americans who had to foot the bills.

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