Kelly backfired in Philly. In San Francisco they’ll throw him under the Golden Gate Bridge straightaway unless he gets a white football team in which case he’s get dumped into the bay soon enough. Kelly has the football sense of a college freshman or less. In Philly even the cheese steaks are delighted.

Kelly was a lousy man. He couldn’t control his players, especially the black athletes. DeSean Jackson got under Kelly’s skin. So did Jeremy Maclin, Brandon Boykin and LeSean McCoy. Kelly started to pick on DeMarco Murray, one of the best runners in the NFL. Kelly’s coaching got worse every year he was in Philly. He took a bad team in 2013 and ruined it.

But what about the Eagles dismal future under Doug Peterson? Instead of getting a bold and inventive coach, Jeff Laurie hired Forrest Gump. The Eagles went from dumber to worse.

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