“Volunteering” to allow government to search your record is a search without a warrant. It’s coercion, a bribe, Passing a “background search” in order to get permission to acquire a firearm to which you are forced to agree to; to consent to against your will; to consent to get a firearm because getting a firearm isn’t illegal, in fact while government has the power and might to withhold their they do not have the moral basis or authority to withhold their approval unless you are convicted of committing a crime and even then their approval may not be correct to withhold. Consent as a result of coercion, intimidation, threat of force or force is not effective consent. Requiring consent to do a legal act is illicit, illegal and unconstitutional.

Coercive consent to buy or to acquire a firearm is a marker of government oppression. Being forced to submit to an otherwise unconstitutional warrant-less search of everything connected to you shows how profoundly unfree immoral and illegal the government has become. More disturbing is the great number of people who consent despite the illegality.

All this is subject to search and disclosure:
Education records,
Employment records;
Financial information,
Credit history, liens, civil judgments,
bankruptcy, and tax information;
Medical, Mental,
Psychological and Physiological evaluations and records that are generally not available to:
consumer reporting agencies,
background screening firms, or any other investigators
-(except government), without documented, written consent of the applicant. The list includes Education records, Drug Tests, D
riving and vehicle records,
Criminal, arrest, incarceration, sex offender records,
church membership,
body measurements including head and foot size, (hat and shoe sizes),
yearbook photo’s,
newspaper reports,
municipal meeting reports,
voting records,
political party affiliation,
memberships in Tea Party groups, professional societies,
records of public speeches and on and on. There is no limit or end to the records that can be searched as part of a “Background Check”.

The official culture has become thoroughly saturated with propaganda that targets the inculcation of the authority of the government and the willing submission to government. the culture includes many engines of indoctrination like journalists, educators and “experts” and other professionals who enforce a social responsibility of political correctness and adherence to the official dogmas such as the sameness of all other cultures, diversity, tolerance, inclusiveness. Contrary views are caricatured, ridiculed and trivialized and their holders tagged as ignorant, intolerant, provincial and lower classed. Biased and prejudicial thoughts can prevent a citizen from acquiring a firearm.

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