Papenpuse is the mayor who tried to charge the NRA $1 million bucks for police protection at the upcoming farm show in Harrisburg PA.  Papenfuse is a bit of a nerdy creature who thinks guns have fingers that can pull their triggers. He’s failed to protect the people of Harrisburg so he decided to wrongly blame the NRA for what he calls violent guns.

Here’s a biological fact. Criminals mis-use guns and it’s up to the mayor to catch and punish them. He has not been able to do that so he decided to trick people into thinking the NRA has been shooting people in Harrisburg. The NRA doesn’t have guns. They don’t own them nor do they sell them. They just want the government to do the right thing and protect our right to buy, use and sell them.

People like Papanfuse should be removed from office for rank stupidity.   



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